12 Questions about Face Masks that Dr Fauci Won’t Answer – Why?

It seems that Dr. Fauci gives us a different answer about face masks vs Covid-19 pretty much every day. Should we wear a mask? Should we not? What type of mask is best? Should we wear 2 masks, 3, 4, more? It never ends. Dr Fauci and his pLandemic colleagues continue to deceive us whenever … Read more

Are Trump Supporters really a cult of “Domestic Terrorists?”

Despite giving continuous lip service towards the party line calling for “Unity in America,” it seems as if DIS-unity is inevitable for America. We present the work of Robert Bridge of Strategic-Culture.org and ZeroHedge.com for more on this sad situation. Is The Dis-Uniting Of America Now Inevitable? Joe Biden will ram through warped liberal social … Read more

What is the Great Reset? An Alt-Right Conspiracy Theory or a Legit Movement?

With all the ‘noise’ surrounding Covid-19, lockdowns, election fraud in the US, and worldwide unrest, one of the biggest stories of our times is only getting limited coverage by mainstream media – The Great Reset. In this article, we’ll examine what The Great Reset is, who the key players are behind it, discuss whether it’s … Read more