Majority of LA Firefighters Refuse to Take Covid Vax

60% of the firefighters at the LAFD have refused to their their free coronavirus vaccine – following the recent trends we’ve seen with healthcare workers making the same choice. To report more on this story, shares the news from Joel Polllak of Breitbart, as first reported by the LA Times.

Firefighters Decline Vaccine – Breitbart Report

40% of Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) firefighters have failed to turn up for voluntary vaccination against the coronavirus, following a pattern of reluctance seen among many front-line health care workers and first responders.

The Los Angeles Times reported Saturday:

Late last year, firefighters were the first city workers given access to the shots. After an initial burst of activity, the number showing up to get the vaccine has plummeted.

This past week, only 143 firefighters visited one of the department’s vaccination centers, according to data released by the city Friday night. So far, 1,944 of the agency’s just under 3,400 members have been inoculated. The reluctance of L.A. firefighters adds to the list of healthcare workers in the state who are declining to take the vaccine.

The Times added that L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti is considering making vaccination mandatory for firefighters and others on the front lines of the fight against an ongoing “surge” in COVID-19 cases.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported Saturday that the state still has 2 million unused doses of vaccine, “with only 38% of the 3.1 million doses delivered to the state actually being given so far.”

Points to Ponder

Did you catch the part about the LA Mayor wanting to make the vaccine mandatory?

Is it only a matter of time before ‘federal’ and healthcare jobs require the vaccine?

Are vaccine mandates part of a plan to force us all to take an unwanted and unneeded vaccine against a made-up virus that is harmful only to an extremely small percentage of our population?

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