Is Coronavirus a Scam? Was it a PLANdemic? What’s Fake News & What’s Reality?

In this article, we’ll examine the fact vs fiction of the Coronavirus narrative. Is Covid-19 the deadly pandemic that mainstream media says it is or is there more to the story. Should we all be living a lockdown life to protect ourselves or is it safe to enjoy life again? What does the future hold and has the ‘new normal’ of social distancing become our reality for good? We’ll tackle all these issues and more…

What is a Scam?

The definition of a scam is “a deceptive scheme or trick used to cheat someone out of something” and “a dishonest or fraudulent scheme that attempts to steal something of value from people.”

We want to clearly state again that we believe the Coronavirus IS a real virus and therefore in an of itself, Coronavirus may not be a scam from a medical standpoint, HOWEVER we also believe there is enough ‘smoke’ around the possibility that the Coronavirus story is being used in a scam-like fashion to accomplish multiple scam-style agendas that are driven by a desire for financial, political, and power motives.

Before we examine the possibility that the Covid-19 story is being used for nefarious purposes, let me tell you HOW we came to question things…

Covid-19 Arrives, Life Changes

When Covid-19 first emerged on the scene in early 2020 and we had limited information, we were just as scared as any of you. Who can forget images like these…

We heard all the same warnings about the dangers of CV19 as you did, we bought into the flatten the curve message, and encouraged friends and family to ‘stay home, and stay safe.’

We also dutifully wore our masks and bought into the idea that a brief period of home quarantine for the US & the world could be beneficial if it helped to stop the virus and keep our hospitals from being overwhelmed. It seemed reasonable at the time.

After all, who can forget the famous and downright scary charts of Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci during the many Coronavirus press conferences that depicted how many millions of people were going to die from Covid-19 if we didn’t do our part to stop it.

Remember these frightening images?

And so, believing the experts, we complied with the quarantine.

For all of March, April, May, and most of June, we didn’t get together with friends, we didn’t go out to eat, and we didn’t let our kids play outside with other neighborhood kids. That last fact was especially challenging because most of the kids in our neighborhood continued to play together outside and often knocked on our door asking for our kids to play with them, but sadly we didn’t allow them too – all in an effort to protect them from The Covid and ‘do our part’ to help stop the virus around our community and the country and the world.

“THE” Question

As the summer of 2020 began,  something started to change/

To begin with, we started to wonder why we were not seeing anyone we knew come down with Coronavirus and be sick from it.

“Do you know anyone who’s had Covid?”

We asked our friends and co-workers

The answers we got back were invariably the same – curiously enough people had heard of “a friend of a friend” who got it, but most people didn’t know anyone personally – kind of like this rather infamous beach-goer answered…

That made us start to wonder…

If the virus was so contagious and so deadly like we were being told, why weren’t we seeing people get sick around us too? Why weren’t we seeing people “dying in the suburbs” like we were being told was happening all over America?

What’s Up with the Kids?

In June, we made a critical observation.

For me it changed everything.

My wife pointed out that, except for a couple weeks in March at the height of the Coronavirus panic, our local daycares had actually been remained open!

Why did daycares remain open in the middle of the Covid Panic?

For me that was a bombshell and it made me start to question a few things.

If you’ll recall, in the beginning we were told that children were perhaps the most dangerous aspect of The Covid-19 situation because they were deemed to be ‘superspreaders’ who were going to help the virus spread like wildfire.

After all, that’s why schools had to be shut down and kids had to be quarantined – that’s why our little league season was cancelled, that why Cub Scouts was stopped, that’s why Disney World was closed.

We were told, “Just like with the flu each year or a stomach bugs, school kids are superspreaders and we must protect society against them.”

Yes, that’s what we were told in the Spring of 2020. And so we dutifully complied with all the government mandates…

The Lockdowns

We voluntarily gave up our freedoms in an effort to ‘Stop the Virus’ and rather than try to enjoy life, instead we remained quarantined at home.

We stayed at home under lockdown for March.

We stayed at home under lockdown for April.

We stayed at home under lockdown for May.

We stayed at home under lockdown for June.

The Question Remains…

In June we began to ask more people – not just friends and coworkers, but soon everybody we talked to – even people at the local grocery store (when we dared to venture out)…

“Do you know anyone who’s had Coronavirus? Anyone who’s gotten sick?”

Lo and behold we finally began to get some “YES” answers!

People told us things like “my dad had it, but he’s better now” or “Yes, I tested positive, but it was like allergies or a mild flu.” We even heard from a family who all had it – with the father feeling ‘like crap’ for a day and the son having a mild headache, and his wife and daughter never even knew they had it because they were entirely asymptomatic.

And yes, we also heard some reports of people with ‘friends and relatives’ who died with Coronavirus – although in every instance that we heard about, the person that passed away had an underlying condition – usually an elderly person with comorbidities like obesity, diabetes, or similar metabolic syndrome conditions.

To be clear, it saddened all of us at The ABC Cafe to hear that ANYONE had died – whether that was OF The Covid or WITH The Covid, or for any other reason. And we often prayed for them…

We Wonder More

In spite of the reports of people dying with and perhaps of The Covid, we continued to wonder why we were not personally seeing anyone we knew even get sick from Coronavirus?

Remember, this was allegedly a virus we were continuing to be told by medical experts and news media that was so deadly that we all MUST remain in lockdown to desperately try to protect ourselves and our society against it.

Still our questions remained…

Things that make you go Hmmm…

If The Covid is so deadly like the experts said, then why were we not seeing it locally? 

Why were we not seeing people ‘dying in the suburbs?”

At The ABC Cafe, we have lots of friends that are hospital medical directors in critical care units, doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, etc – people who were (and are) on the front lines of the Coronavirus battle. In the beginning they were afraid – and yet they continued to do their jobs in the face of that fear.


Back in the Spring, we could see that local hospitals in our home state of Florida were struggling as with how to fight Coronavirus and there were indeed people that had died with The Covid. In addition, the ‘case count’ numbers were still rising.

These high case numbers contributed to Florida being labeled as a Coronavirus Hotspot.

And let’s not forget, Florida also has a high elderly population.

With high cases and an elderly population, Florida should have been decimated by The Covid, right?

But, to the credit of our local hospitals here in Florida, despite the factors working against us, our medical community soon got the Coronavirus situation under control, and by the end of the early summer, it became clear that Florida hospitals were NOT getting overwhelmed, the curve was being flattened, and most importantly Florida began to start to find effective measures to help people who were sick from Coronavirus recover and get well again. 

Meanwhile, we began to realize that there was a lot of “Noise” around Covid-19 that was causing people to be afraid, but when you looked deeper at the stories, we saw that facts were being twisted by the mainstream media an a clear effort to control the narrative. For example…

Wait, The Kids are NOT Superspreaders?

Around the same time, new medical evidence was emerging that showed that not only were kids NOT getting sick from The Covid, but that apparently kids are NOT the superspreaders they were initially believed to be.

In fact it soon became clear that kids, unless they had a special negative underlying condition, were not really at risk of getting very sick from Coronavirus at all!

As noted by the massive group of 7,000+ scientists and doctors that have signed off on the Great Barrington Declaration, “the risk from dying from becoming infected by COVID-19 is for children is very low – lower than the risk of dying from the seasonal flu.”

There is LESS THAN A 1/2% Chance of Dying from The Covid for Most People

Shockingly (but thankfully) it also became clear that the risk of dying from Coronavirus is apparently very small indeed (like less than a HALF of ONE Percent Chance) for most of the rest of the population. Here’s what that looks like on paper…

Valid Question – how is a virus with a 99% Survival Rate for MOST of the population worthy of forcing the ENTIRE population into Lockdown Life?

But what about those High CASE Numbers?

The media continues to pummel us with news that Coronavirus Cases numbers are out of control. Should we be worried?

After all, Dr. Birx continues to advocate for a nationwide lockdown. Dr. Fauci supports Joe Biden’s desire for a national mask mandate. We are told that we must take drastic measures to control the alleged ‘spike’ in Covid Case Counts. We are being told that there is nothing in life more important than controlling Covid Case Counts.

Yes the case counts continue to go up.

Covid-19 Positive Case Counts in US

But so does our ability to TEST for it.

“Convenient” Covid Testing is now everywhere.
Photo by Frederic J. BROWN / AFP) (Photo by FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images)

Doesn’t common sense tell us that there is probably a direct correlation between our increased capacity to test for Coronavirus as there is to the increased number of cases of that virus???

So the number of Covid cases is increasing?

Do we really need to obsess about it?

Hospitals are not getting overwhelmed. We have a better understanding of the virus and doctors are now more confident in being able to help people. We have the resources in terms of hospital ICU space, ventilators, and trained staff. We also have proven pharmaceutical interventions that are helping more people recover. Yes, the virus is contagious and people are being infected with it, but we can help them recover too – just like we do with the flu, or a cold, or any number of other ailments.

Most importantly, in spite of high numbers of ‘cases’ nobody in the mainstream media seems to be talking about the positive trends with lower Coronavirus Deaths.

FLORIDA Cases, Hospitalizations, and DEATHS. Do you see a TREND?

Far fewer people in Florida are dying with Covid-19.

Regardless of the manipulated case count stories, isn’t LOWER DEATHS what really matters?

Why is nobody talking about this?

Valid Question – why are we freaking out and destroying our society over a virus that has a GREATER TTHAN 99% survival rate for most of the population?

REAL NEWS – People are still dying from Other Things besides The Covid

Do you ever wonder why we don’t constantly publicize the number of times people get cancer, or develop heart disease, or come down with the flu, or a cold, or get into a car crash?

Can you imagine if we did?

Despite people getting heart disease, we still eat poorly and most people don’t exercise. Should we have national mandates on that?

Do we need to force people to stop driving in an effort to eliminate the risk of auto accidents?

Do we need to consider putting every man, woman, child, and pet in this country on permanent lockdown in order to try to eliminate the risk of EVERYTHING? (Here’s a hint: we can’t!)

Why is Coronavirus so much more ‘important’ than all the other causes of death in our world that we must continually track every single case of what has proven to be a low-mortality virus?

Should we respect Covid-19 and take precautions against it? Absolutely. And if you or someone in your family is elderly (over 70 years of age) or has an ‘underlying negative health condition’ like metabolic syndrome, immune deficiency, respiratory condition, etc, then maybe it’s wise that you take additional precautions.

But, should we destroy our lives and give up our freedom to try to eliminate the risk of getting infected with Coronavirus? I say no.

The Evidence of Our Eyes

At the ABC Cafe we started to wonder…

Although the ‘case counts’ in the news may be high, if Covid-19 is NOT actually making people sick and very few people are actually dying of the pandemic proportions the media was telling us about, then why are we still under quarantine?

Why are so many states under lockdown?

Why are we giving up our freedom to live and enjoy life?

In short, what the hell is going on here? 

All the while, our families had remained quarantined at home. We had done our part – we had listened to the experts and their evidence, we had worn our masks, we had remained on lockdown. 

As NEW EVIDENCE was emerging, we realized the risks associated with Coronavirus were NOT as great as we’d been initially told. We read the new reports, we saw what was happening in South Dakota and Sweden where they never locked down, we saw other people living life again and we decided we wanted to do the same.

And so we did.

In spite of the ‘noise’ from mainstream media, thanks for the Gov. of Florida Ron DeSantis and President Trump, the state of Florida is open.

Our schools are open, our kids are play with neighborhood kids, our community is playing live sports, our family goes to social gatherings, and we are living life. #Thrive

Life goes on here in the Free State of Florida in spite of Coronavirus and we are living life again – in fact we are not just ‘surviving’ the virus we are THRIVING again.

Editors at The ABC Cafe have been to live events with 10,000+ other people packed together and 99% of the people not wearing masks…and yet nobody is getting sick, there are no crazy outbreaks of Covid-19 and hospitals are not getting overwhelmed around us.

And so we wonder…

**IF** Coronavirus is so deadly that it merits a nationwide lockdown and mandatory national mask mandate, shouldn’t we see people ‘dying in the suburbs too?’

And yet, despite the narrative in mainstream media, here’s what we do know…

People are NOT dying in the suburbs – at least not in our suburbs, and we suspect, they are NOT dying in yours either, right? 

In short, the ‘narrative’ of this virus doesn’t fit!

What’s Going On?

Why is The Covid story taking over our lives? Why does mainstream media push us down a singular path?

Why do our hearts pulse with Fear of The Covid?

Could there be a scam at play?

Remember the definition of a scam – “a deceptive scheme or trick used to cheat someone out of something” and “a dishonest or fraudulent scheme that attempts to steal something of value from people.”

Is it about Politics?

Is there is a political motive to the Coronavirus narrative with one party making the most of a virus=fear narrative to take down a president who was all but guaranteed of reelection until that ‘timely’ virus story hit? Was Covid-19 part of a plan to keep as many people as possible locked up in their homes in fear so the US Presidential election could then be stolen via a well-funded, massively intricate plan involving insane amounts of mail-in votes from non-existent paper people?

Is it about Money?

Is there something nefarious going on involving the money flow into vaccines? And are there plans to require citizens to carry ‘Health Certificates” to prove they’ve been vaccinated against Covid-19 in order to participate in society? Will we all be forced to take a Coronavirus vaccine?

Was it a PLANdemic?

Is the World Economic Forum really using Covid-19 as an opportunity to enact The Great Reset faster than their original plan?

Was Coronavirus part of a PLANdemic?

You can read about these stories and more in this article...

Are the Covid Deaths inflated?

Is it true that hospitals are incentivized to code deaths at Covid-19 by offering higher reimbursement and classify as many deaths as possible as Covid-19 related in order to support the narrative of fear being pushed by mainstream media in order to make people WANT a vaccine?

Is this a Mob-style Protection Scheme?

Is Covid-19 just a scam putting us on a road to nowhere in which fear rules our lives as ‘the new normal’ and We the People willingly elect to give up our freedoms to the government in exchange for ‘protection’ from our fears?

Are more Covid’s Coming?

Is Covid-19 just the beginning? Will there be a Covid-21 and/or Covid-23, each more deadlier than the last? Is the HBO movie Songbird a vision of our future?

This all sounds like crazy, insane conspiracy theories that no ‘educated’ person would give a second thought to, right?

Honestly, we’re confused about all of it. We don’t know what’s true anymore!

But here’s what we DO know…

  1. The Coronavirus appears to be a real virus. People are getting sick from it, but NOT as many as we are being led to believe. (We still don’t know anyone who’s actually died OF Covid).
  2. Case Counts related to Coronavirus do not tell the same story as actual death rates – both of which appear to be inflated.
  3. In spite of high case counts, (per the CDC) there is a greater than 99% chance healthy individuals under 70 years old will survive an encounter with The Covid, therefore Coronavirus does NOT appear to be dangerous to the vast majority of people.
  4. People are being robbed of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness because of the Fear Narrative being pushed by mainstream media around Covid-19.

By promoting a Fear Narrative around Covid-19 and continually focused on case counts instead of actual death rates, I believe those in positions of power have deceptively used the Coronavirus story to take something of value away from Average Joe’s like you and me – they are taking away our freedom.

That’s the definition of a scam, my friends, and that’s scary.

The ABC Cafe is not alone in this thinking. In addition to the MANY references below that share this opinion, check out what the top Canadian pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson told Alberta government officials about Coronavirus. It should be noted that Dr. Hodkinson an expert in virology and also the CEO of a biotech company that manufactures COVID tests.

“There is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians, it’s outrageous, this is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.

Roger Hodkinson, MD – Pathologist

Here’s What Else We know

  1. We don’t want to be a part of any of conspiracy theories or pandemic practice sessions.
  2. We don’t want to be forced to take a vaccine for a virus that is not deadly, nor do we want to have to carry around Health Certificate or wear a Covid-Free Wristband.
  3. We don’t want to be a part of global ‘resets.’
  4. We just want to live our lives in FREEDOM.  

American is supposed to be the land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE.

American is NOT supposed to be a land of lockdowns and Big Brother Govt Restrictions, Contact Tracing, Forced Quarantines, Mandatory Mask Mandates, or (God-forbid) Mandatory Vaccines or Immunity Certificates.

That’s not any American we know, that’s more like the Oceania of George Orwell’s 1984 book – and that’s nowhere that we want to live.

Let us live in peace and you can do the same. 

Thankfully (at least for now) Florida is a Free State and we pray to God that our freedom remains.

References & Links to Learn More

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