FLORIDA – How we overcame FEAR of Covid-19 and escaped Lockdown Life.

Florida continues to thrive in the face of adversity related to the Coronavirus pLandemic. What follows is the story of how one family initially lived during their time of quarantine in lockdown and what their situation is like now. The ABC Cafe is proud to share this article with you and it’s our hope that it shows you it’s very much possible to live a relatively normal life regardless of Coronavirus.

This article first appeared on the website ThatHelpfulDad.com

Author’s Notes:

  1. I am not a medical doctor, I don’t pretend to be one, and I’m not here to give you medical advice. 
  2. I DO believe that we should respect the Coronavirus and that families should take precautions to protect themselves. 
  3. The information presented here today is intended to provide examples of dissenting opinions vs mainstream media’s one-sided narrative on this topic. I encourage you to NOT just take my word for everything and instead do your own research  the text you see in BLUE is linked to the articles/references that support the statements made below. Make your own decisions about what’s best for your family.
  4. This article is dedicated with special thanks to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and President Donald Trump for having the courage to stand up against the Covid Noise and allow the state of Florida to live in freedom.


Are you currently forced to live a Lockdown Life because of government regulations in your area concerning Coronavirus? Do you wonder what life is like elsewhere in America where people are living with freedom? I aim to provide a measure HOPE in the event you’re experiencing times of darkness due to the Coronavirus story.

You do NOT have to life in fear, you do NOT have to live in lockdown, you can not only survive vs Covid-19, you can THRIVE.

How do I know?

Because my community in Florida is doing just that and you can too

Our schools are open, our kids are playing sports, our family goes to social gatherings, and we are living life. #Thrive

Life BEFORE Covid-19

If you’re a regular reader of my site, then you’ll know I often attest that I’m just an Average Joe. I’m almost 50, I’m married, I have 2 kids, and I have a worker bee job. We live in the suburbs of Tampa and prior to The Covid situation, we enjoyed seeing our kids go to live school and participate in youth sports and outdoor activities like scouting, camping, etc. We loved firing up the BBQ and getting together with friends, we enjoyed going out to dinner, and spending time at the many amusement parks that Central Florida has to offer (#Disney). I imagine you probably enjoyed a lot of things like this too – after all, many of the activities I mentioned are simply examples of happy times in America, right?

Our Life in Lockdown

As I wrote about in another article, when Covid-19 first emerged on the scene in early 2020 and we had limited information, I was just as scared as any of you. We heard all the same warnings about the dangers of CV19 as you did, we bought into the flatten the curve message, and encouraged friends and family to ‘stay home, and stay safe.’

We also dutifully wore our masks and bought into the idea that a brief period of home quarantine for the US & the world could be beneficial if it helped to stop the virus and keep our hospitals from being overwhelmed. It seemed reasonable at the time to live in lockdown if it meant we could stop 2 million people from dying in the US as Dr. Fauci claimed.

For all of March, April, May, and most of June, we didn’t get together with friends, we didn’t go out to eat, and we didn’t let our kids play outside with other neighborhood kids. We didn’t do anything outside the home except shop for food and essentials – all in an effort to protect them from The Covid and ‘do our part’ to help stop the virus around our community and the country and the world.

Coronavirus – Things Don’t Add Up

In June my wife and I (and many others) began to wonder why the evidence of our eyes wasn’t matching the narrative of Covid-19 that was being pushed in the mainstream media – contrary to what we were constantly being told and in spite of high ‘case’ counts in Florida, the reality was that our hospitals were NOT overwhelmed, Covid-19 was NOT infecting everyone around us and making us all sick, and people were NOT dying in the suburbs.

Of those we knew who had tested positive for Coronavirus, both young and old, had all recovered from the virus and nearly all had minor symptoms, if any.

For a virus that was allegedly a world pandemic that was so dangerous it required people to live in lockdown, we wondered why things were so different in our community, AND we wondered if other people were questioning the Reality of Covid too?

We also realized there is a lot of “Noise” around Covid-19 that was causing people to be afraid, but when you look deeper, we saw that facts are being twisted by the mainstream media an a clear effort to control the narrative. For example…

In the meantime, here’s the situation my wife and I were faced with in June.

  • Nobody we personally know who had contracted Covid-19 had gotten very sick from it (and most didn’t get sick at all).
  • Local daycares had been open for months – without masks and without an outbreak.
  • Local summer camps opened in our area in late May – without kids wearing masks and without an outbreak.
  • Kids in our neighborhood had played outside together the entire time that our community was supposed to be quarantined – kids played without masks and without an outbreak. 
  • Our good friends took a week’s vacation to the beach in mid-June, enjoyed themselves, and came back without getting sick.
  • As the Gov of Florida Ron DeSantis opened up the state, we saw people going out to eat...and not getting sick. 
  • And the list of people we saw enjoying life was growing by the day.

So my wife and I wondered even more…

If Covid-19 is NOT making people sick and dying of the pandemic proportions the media was telling us about, then why are we still under quarantine?

Why are so many states under lockdown?

Why are we giving up our freedom to live and enjoy life?

In short, what the hell is going on here? 

All the while, my family had remained quarantined at home. We had done our part – we had listened to the experts and their evidence, we had worn our masks, we had remained on lockdown. 

Finally, my wife and I decided enough was enough. 

Life – Risk vs Reward

As NEW EVIDENCE was emerging, we realized the risks associated with Coronavirus were NOT as great as we’d been initially told. We read the new reportswe saw what was happening in South Dakota and Sweden where they never locked down, we saw other people living life again and we decided we wanted to do the same too because we realized…

IN LIFE YOU CAN’T ELIMINATE ALL RISK – all you can do is gather as much information as you can and then make an informed decision about the risk-reward of your actions. 

Could we stay at home and TRY to eliminate the risk of getting CV to 0%?

Sure we could TRY to do that, although I don’t think anyone can eliminate 100% of that risk or any other.

And now that we knew that the “RISK” associated with Coronavirus were in fact very little indeed, we asked ourselves “When are we going to try to LIVE again?”

And so we did.

Our Coming Out Party

My youngest son had a birthday in early July and we used his birthday and the Independence Day holiday to celebrate our coming out party. We took a week long trip to Sarasota beach life we do each year. We weren’t sure what to expect and and we expected a small crowd at best. Imagine our surprise then to see the beaches packed – with NON mask-wearing people who were celebrating the holiday!

Sarasota Beaches July 2020

We saw people enjoying life – and so we decided to as well.

When I saw the fireworks on the beach with my family I’ll admit it brought tears to my eyes. I became emotional because I had so much pent up ‘desire for life’ inside. Seeing my kids just watching fireworks like normal American kids do every year – it was a Now Moment I’ll never forget and I thanked God for His Blessings.

You don’t realize what you had in life until it gets taken away.

We took our annual beach vacation for granted, we took school for granted, playing sports, going to the park, going to church, visiting friends and relatives, and more. We took it all for granted. #NeverAgain.

We lived life that week at the beach and had a great time…and nobody got sick. 

Then we put our kids in summer camp for the rest of July AND we let them go full force and play with neighborhood kids- letting them just be kids and have fun with friends…



And nobody got sick.

We also began to eat out again – dutifully wearing out masks upon entry to a restaurant but thankfully removing them while dining and talking. And we’ve done that countless times since. And nobody has gotten sick. 

Live School

In Florida, school starts in Aug. We were given the choice to stay virtual like in the spring or go live with other kids. We gave our kids the choice – both quickly said they wanted to see their friends again and go to live school.


And with a 6th grader and a Kindergartener, my wife and I wanted them to go live because we believe that social interaction is critical for them – especially our youngest who’s just starting school.

We saw what was happening to our kids during quarantine – for lack of a better way to describe it, under lockdown our kids were ‘wilting.’

Sure they had virtual school in the spring, and we did lot of family activities, and they could talk on the phone or facetime their friends or play vid games online, but it wasn’t the same.

Yes we enjoyed our family pool and we had movie nights, and we played board games and did puzzles galore, but the fact is that Lockdown Life was destroying our kids psyches – and ours too.


So when live school was offered as an option, yes we quickly signed up for it!

Now it breaks my heart to see the kids have to wear masks all day (especially when we see that more and more evidence emerges that questions that efficacy of masks, but the mask battle is not the subject of this article, if you want to see a collection of medical evidence both for and against face masks effectiveness, read this article…

Meanwhile, I’ll point out that we’ve been in school since Aug and I’ve heard very few reports of anyone even testing positive for Covid-19, much less getting sick from it. (Of course we now know that there is very little risk for kids (or anyone under 70) from dying of Covid-19 given the 99%+ infection-survival rate from the CDC as of Sept 2020, so this is probably not surprising).

The point is that, live school is a blessing and my kids are THRIVING again!

As parents, that fills our hearts with joy.

 But don’t just take my word on that, read what a group of infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists from around the world are now saying about kids and schools vs Covid-19…

Online learning is NOT a good substitute for in-person teaching. For normal development, children have a strong need to socialize with other children, to make friends, and to play with one another. Online learning, masks, and social distancing all impede these critically important normal activities.  Schools are also the main point of contact with care systems and provide a refuge for disadvantaged children.  Furthermore, the risk from dying from becoming infected by COVID-19 is for children is very low – lower than the risk of dying from the seasonal flu. Schools do not close due to influenza, and neither should they close because of COVID-19.” 

If you have a healthy school age child, I hope you’ll consider letting them go to live school again – for us the massive benefits of live school FAR outweigh the minimal risks of Coronavirus situation.

Live Sports & More

Let’s talk about live sports too. As I mentioned earlier, our little league baseball season was cut short back in March at the height of the Coronavirus panic.

Additionally, back in April, when Covid-19 fears were still high, I was sad to see that the Little League World Series in my hometown of Williamsport, PA was cancelled for the 1st time in 73 years.

Given the situation at the time, I understand why those decision were made.

But I’m thankful that down in Florida we play ‘fall ball’ and when I heard that little league was going to start again in September 2020, we quickly signed up. Our league instituted various “Coronavirus safety precautions” (temp checks, masks required, initially limiting crowd sizes, etc), but as our season progressed and nobody was getting sick, those precautions were thankfully modified over time (masks only required in dugouts, more visitors allowed, etc).

I can tell you when I go to the baseball fields and see 95% of the people in the crowd without masks and sitting around each other just cheering and enjoying life like normal it gives me great joy. We completed our fall ball in mid-November and our league had just a couple kids test ‘positive’ for The Covid – of those I didn’t hear of any players or family experiencing anything other than brief minor symptoms (headache, fever, fatigue) and the situation was less impactful than if they had had the flu. At the end of the season, we had a team party, trophies, and family fun days – all without masks or social distancing and guess what – nobody got sick. In short, the baseball season was a grand success!

It’s the same story for other local sports – football (both padded and with flags) and soccer events are packed with kids and fans, concessions stands are open, people are enjoying life...and nobody is getting sick. Same thing for basketball – the kids are playing basketball indoors, without masks, and they are fine – nobody is getting sick, there are no outbreaks.

Life goes on here in spite of Coronavirus and these are just more examples of how we are living life in our community and we are not just ‘surviving’ the virus we are THRIVING again. 

I see professional sports on TV like NBA, MLB, NFL, FIFA – for whatever reason the coaches wear masks even though the players do not (I still don’t understand the logic there).

Masks, No Masks, What Gives?

The point is that, while we’ve heard many cases of players testing positive for Coronavirus, nobody seems to be getting sick. Why is that?

Again, **IF** Coronavirus is so deadly that it merits a nationwide lockdown and mandatory national mask mandate, shouldn’t we see people ‘dying in the suburbs too?’

And yet, despite the narrative in mainstream media…

People are NOT dying in the suburbs – at least not in my suburb, and I suspect, they are NOT dying in yours either, right? 

Additional “Life Events”

Since the original publication of this article, my family and I have participated in numerous fun-filled activities with other people, including…

  • a friend’s birthday party in downtown Tampa where we took a boat ride through Tampa Bay on pontoon-style paddle boat with 20 people close together and then got off at Tampa’s Armature Works (a collection of indoor/outdoor cafes and pubs) where there were 1,000+ other people gathered together enjoying each other’s company – 95% without masks or social distancing.
  • numerous social gatherings with friends where there was no social distancing or mask use.
  • we celebrated Halloween in our neighborhood by gathering with our neighbors and walking our community together while the kids trick-or-treated in a group of about 20 kids all together – nobody with masks or social distancing.

And then there was this little ditty – let’s call it a party with 10,000+ friends…

As you can see, people are packed in like sardines – 99.9% of people did NOT wear masks and there was no social distancing.

And guess what…as with all these events – nobody got sick that I have heard of. Nobody has died of The Covid. In short, the ‘narrative’ of this virus doesn’t fit!

Freedom or Fear

Look, I’m not a doctor and I’m not trying to tell you how you should live your life.

If you are concerned about Coronavirus then I encourage you to gather the information you need to make an informed decision and then decide for yourself how you think you can mitigate the risk and live your best life possible. If that means that you want to continue to live in quarantine, I certainly respect your right to do that. I have some friends and relatives around the country who would still prefer to err on the side of caution and they have their reasons for wanting to remain at home and again I respect that. 

At the same time, I believe every other family in America and the world should be able to make the same decision for our families too.

Like you, we simply want to be able to live our best life possible too.

After analyzing the evidence available to me – and that includes not just what I read and see online and from the medical experts but also with my own eyes – common sense tells me that the Coronavirus is NOT as dangerous as it’s being portrayed to be in the mainstream media.

Thankfully (at least for now) our community here in Florida is allowed to be free and we are thriving!

You Have a Choice

If you live in a community that is suffering from lockdowns and quarantines, I want you to know that there is another way of life happening in American right now.

You CAN live a normal life again.

If you are not in a at-risk group, then Coronavirus may not pose any greater threat to you than the flu, or driving a car, or dealing with any other of the myriad of risks that we’ve dealt with our entire lives before The Covid situation. Can you remember back that far? 

So yes, my family is living life.

My community is living life.

The Covid is here, we may well all have it for all I know, but we are no longer scared of it because we have learned to live with it on a day to day basis.

Most importantly, we are no longer letting fear control us.

We have taken our power back here and you can too. 

Do you want to just try to survive Coronavirus and stay quarantined in fear forever?

Or would you rather try to THRIVE and live YOUR life again? 

Sadly, the specter of Coronavirus is not likely to go away any time soon – whether a vaccine comes or not. So You can either let that FEAR control you or you can control the fear. 

It’s up to you to decide – who’s going to win this fight?

You or Coronavirus? 

Here in the suburbs of Tampa, we’ve overcome our fear.

We are living life again.

I pray that this article inspires you to do the same!

#NoFear #CommonSense #LandoftheFREE

God bless you. God Bless America. God Bless our World.

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