1000s of Covid Vaccine Deaths and Adverse Reactions in Dec 2020 alone

TheEaglesWillFly.com presents the findings of the Childrens Health Defense network and their report “Tip of the Iceberg? Thousands of COVID Vaccine Injuries and 13 U.S. Deaths Reported in December Alone“ When the U.S. Food and Drug Administration gave Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna permission to distribute their experimental mRNA coronavirus vaccines to Americans on an “emergency use” basis in December, it opened the … Read more

Vaccination Credential Initiative – Collaboration by Big Tech + Big Pharma = Vaccine Passport

That a ‘vaccine passport’ is in your near future is no longer a question – we can try to resist, but with powerful forces aligned against our freedoms, it’s going to be difficult. Today we share an article from Lucas Nolan of Breitbart titled “Big Tech Coalition Is Developing a Digital COVID Vaccination Passport.“ Big … Read more

10 Things to Consider BEFORE You Get the Covid-19 Vaccine

The Covid-19 vaccine uses a new technology called mRNA sequencing and while many are claiming mRNA is ‘high science,’ there are still many unanswered questions about the safety of these new types of vaccines. In this article we present the work of Makia Freeman of TheFreedomArticles.com who points out 10 things you might want to … Read more

Is the mRNA Covid-19 a Vaccine OR a new Technology?

The Covid-19 vaccine is the first vaccine of its kind to use the controversial mRNA sequencing. While Dr Fauci, Bill Gates, and The Great Reset technocrats claim that the use of mRNA is safe and backed by ‘high science,’ not everyone agrees. In fact, as more people look ‘under the hood’ of mRNA sequencing, they … Read more

Dr. Mercola warns How the Covid-19 Vaccine May Destroy your Immune System

We present the work of Dr. Joseph Mercola who recently warned about potential serious dangers related the Covid-19 vaccines. Read it here before it’s gone. According to a study that examined how informed consent is given to COVID-19 vaccine trial participants, disclosure forms fail to inform volunteers that the vaccine might make them susceptible to more severe … Read more

What is Transhumanism? Will Covid Vaccines Make You a Transhuman?

Transhumanism (AKA known as Human 2.0) seeks meld human biology with technology and artificial intelligence. In today’s article we look further into the topic of Transhumanism. We’ll also explore the question of whether vaccines like the Covid-19 vaccine are part of the Transhumanist Movement’s agenda. To help us learn more, we’ll share insights from Dr. … Read more

The Plan to Vaccinate ALL Americans

The ABC Cafe shares the work of the non-profit National Vaccine Information Center, featuring an article published in March 2020 (BEFORE the height of the Covid-19 pLandemic) and the predictions related to the plan are chilling… A Plan to Vaccinate All Americans WITHOUT Parental Consent? Scientists at the National Institutes of Health are working with … Read more

pLandemic I – Original Movie

Here is the complete video and the full transcript for the documentary pLandemic I. We present them here in the hopes of cataloguing it vs Big Tech Censorship. We suggest you download the vid and script for yourself ASAP since there is no guarantee this page or site won’t be censored in the future. pLandemic I … Read more

Do Asymptomatic People Do Spread COVID-19?

The ABC Cafe features the work of Dr Joseph Mercola and his article “Asymptomatic People Do Not Spread COVID-19” originally published in December, 2020. According to media reports, COVID-19 “cases,” meaning positive PCR test results, are soaring across the U.S. and around the world, leading to the implementation of measures that in some cases are … Read more