Covid-19 and the Decimal Point that BLEW UP the World

The ABC Cafe features the work of Jeffrey A. Tucker, the Editorial Director for the American Institute for Economic Research. What was the basis of panic that led the lights to darken on civilization? The most important date here might be March 11, 2020. That’s when Congress itself flew into an unwarranted panic, and acquiesced … Read more

State Comparison of Covid-19 Lockdowns and Deaths at Long-Term Care Facilities

The ABC Cafe presents the work of Amelia Janaskie at the American Institute for Economic Research and her ground-breaking article “Covid, Lockdowns, & Long-Term Care: State Comparisons.” After almost a year, we know that Covid-19 predominantly strikes the infirm and elderly. Nursing homes have been hit especially hard by it: nearly 106,000 Covid-19 deaths occurred … Read more