A Timeline of the Covid-19 PLANdemic

Given that the forces behind the Covid-19 phenomena are no longer even trying to hide their agenda, it’s no longer a debate that Covid-19 was a PLANdemic (examples of this include Dr. Fauci’s Gain of Function Research, Dr. Fauci’s Coronavirus Vaccine Patents, The Gates Foundation SPARS and Event 201 ‘planning’ sessions, and the World Economic … Read more

What is Universal Basic Income?

Universal Basic Income (UBI) involves a situation where the government pays every citizen a guaranteed income, sufficient to live at a modest level. People would get the money unconditionally regardless of their income so it’s different from welfare which is means-based. In today’s article we look deeper into UBI and offer you some points to … Read more

World Bank’s Covid-19 Strategic Plan – a 10 Step Path towards Genocide?

Dr. Gregory Stanton is credited with coming up with the 10 Stages of Genocide and he applied his theory to past genocides in history. Some are wondering if the World Bank’s official Covid-19 Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan (SPRP) is following the same process. Today we look at the work of Makia Freedom and the … Read more

Why is Bill Gates buying American Farmland? Bill Gates Farmland Conspiracy?

Stories about Bill Gates rapidly buying up farmland in America are getting more play – it is all just a conspiracy or is there something more going on? In this article, we provide analysis from various sources so you can decide for yourself what to believe. What follows is a collection of articles on Bill … Read more

What is the NGFS and how does it relate to The Great Reset…and YOU?

The NGFS is the Network of Central Banks and Supervisors for Greening the Financial System (NGFS). This article is about the NGFS and it’s relationship to The Great Reset as well as how all this may affect common citizens like you. All about the NGFS The website of the NGFS is https://www.ngfs.net/en. When did the … Read more

Vaccine Passports continue to take shape | Fauci “Mandates on table”

As the reality of a vaccine passport continues to sink in, more stories emerge on the inevitability of this chilling probability. Today we review an article by Dennis Behreandt of TheNewAmerican.com titled “Fauci: Mandatory Vaccines, Vaccine Passports? “Anything Is Possible” Mandatory Vaccine Passports Coming Soon to a Town Near You Now that the Democrats are … Read more

STUDY: Tech Elite are a ‘new class’ of humanity; superior to others

If this was a joke it would be funny, sadly it is not. Did you know that ‘research’ has apparently concluded that ‘tech elite’ people are a new class of humanity. For more on this story, we present the study itself and the analysis work of Steve Watson of Infowars. Study: “A class for itself? … Read more

Planet Lockdown Video – Great Reset

TheEaglesWillFly.com shares the video Planet Lockdown by Catherine Austin Fitts that discusses the Great Reset and the Covid-19 pLandemic. We also present a detailed analysis of the video from Dr Joseph Mercola. Planet Lockdown – The Video From the Planet Lockdown site: “Planet Lockdown is a high level documentary about The Great Reset. From mid-west … Read more

Censored – Catholic Cardinal in Mexico Silenced by Facebook for questioning The Great Reset

The Great Purge continues with the story of Cardinal Juan Sandoval Íñiguez, archbishop emeritus of Guadalajara, being censored by Facebook for questioning The Great Reset. In a story by Thomas Williams PH.D on Breitbart we learn more about the topic. Facebook Censors Mexican Cardinal for Denouncing ‘New World Order’ Facebook has censored a video of … Read more

Covid Lawsuit “Crimes Against Humanity” – UPDATES from International Courts

Although many people still are not aware of the on-going international lawsuit levied against the World Health Organization by a group of lawers called The German Corona Investigative Committee, the cases continue to go forward. Today we provide an update on the situation from John O’Sullivan of TheLibertyBeacon.com. Latest: Lockdown Lawsuits Update By Top International … Read more

10 Things to Consider BEFORE You Get the Covid-19 Vaccine

The Covid-19 vaccine uses a new technology called mRNA sequencing and while many are claiming mRNA is ‘high science,’ there are still many unanswered questions about the safety of these new types of vaccines. In this article we present the work of Makia Freeman of TheFreedomArticles.com who points out 10 things you might want to … Read more

Is the mRNA Covid-19 a Vaccine OR a new Technology?

The Covid-19 vaccine is the first vaccine of its kind to use the controversial mRNA sequencing. While Dr Fauci, Bill Gates, and The Great Reset technocrats claim that the use of mRNA is safe and backed by ‘high science,’ not everyone agrees. In fact, as more people look ‘under the hood’ of mRNA sequencing, they … Read more

The Great Reset and the Economy

How will The Great Reset affect the world’s economy? This article features the work of Stacey Rudin of the American Institute for Economic Research and her article “What’s up with the Great Reset.“ At any anti-lockdown protest, you will see signs that say “Stop the Great Reset.” The New York Times calls this phrase “a baseless conspiracy theory.” … Read more