What is the Great Reset? An Alt-Right Conspiracy Theory or a Legit Movement?

With all the ‘noise’ surrounding Covid-19, lockdowns, election fraud in the US, and worldwide unrest, one of the biggest stories of our times is only getting limited coverage by mainstream media – The Great Reset. In this article, we’ll examine what The Great Reset is, who the key players are behind it, discuss whether it’s … Read more

Kids and Face Masks – are we doing more harm than good?

In this article we’ll examine the subject of children and face masks. We’ll talk about why some people believe it’s a good idea for kids to wear face masks, and also consider the emerging evidence that indicates face masks may be doing more harm than good for our children. To be clear,┬ánobody at is here … Read more

10 Reasons Why Wearing a Face Mask May be HARMFUL to Your Health

There is a growing sentiment among the medical community that it may NOT a good idea to constantly wear a face mask. Today we’ll give you scientific references to support 10 reasons why face masks may be causing you more harm than good AND point out why some doctors believe wearing a face mask may … Read more

What was Event 201 and is it proof Covid-19 was a PLANdemic?

A high-level pandemic exercise called Event 201 that took place on October 18, 2019 in New York City. We’ll also discuss why some people believe Event 201 is proof that the Coronavirus appears to be a PLANdemic and may have some relationship to the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” agenda. What is Event 201? From … Read more

Is Coronavirus a Scam? Was it a PLANdemic? What’s Fake News & What’s Reality?

In this article, we’ll examine the fact vs fiction of the Coronavirus narrative. Is Covid-19 the deadly pandemic that mainstream media says it is or is there more to the story. Should we all be living a lockdown life to protect ourselves or is it safe to enjoy life again? What does the future hold … Read more

FLORIDA – How we overcame FEAR of Covid-19 and escaped Lockdown Life.

Florida continues to thrive in the face of adversity related to the Coronavirus pLandemic. What follows is the story of how one family initially lived during their time of quarantine in lockdown and what their situation is like now. The ABC Cafe is proud to share this article with you and it’s our hope that it … Read more

STUDY: Adults who share household with children LESS likely to get Covid?

Researchers in Scotland observed 300,000 healthcare workers and determined that those living with young children ages 0-11 were significantly less likely to contract coronavirus and possibly were also less likely to be hospitalized. This is yet another study that is contrary to the doom and gloom narrative of Dr Fauci, Joe Biden, and the Great … Read more

STUDY: German Study in Schools finds NO Evidence of Covid-19 Spread in Classrooms

In what seems like a recurring trend, yet another study has found that there is little to no evidence that Covid-19 is being spread in schools. This obviously goes against what Dr Fauci and the mainstream media tell us, and although it may be an ‘inconvenient truth’ for Dr Fauci’s agenda, the evidence is the … Read more