Will Improving Your Immunity help protect you against Covid-19?

It has been suggested that people who end up with severe COVID-19 may have reduced adaptive immune function – as a result, they don’t appear to clear the virus quickly and may end up having to rely on a more proinflammatory killing of the virus inside their cells instead, which damages healthy cells as well. … Read more

Lockdowns Forever? UK extends lockdown till at least Summer 2021

While those of us who live in Free States like Florida, Texas, and South Dakota, our hearts go out to our brothers who continue to live lockdown lives forced upon them by Democratic Governors and de facto totalitarian countries – of which the United Kingdom sadly appears to be one of the worst. In a … Read more

Covid Vax Scare in Israel – More than 10,000 Test Positive for Covid-19 AFTER getting vax

Is the Covid-19 vaccine working or not? Here is yet another story that raises cause for concern. This week we learned that over 12,400 Israeli residents have tested positive for COVID-19 AFTER being vaccinated – and that includes people who had already gotten the second dose. We examine the topic further with a story from … Read more

Covid-19 Case Definition Changed by WHO

The World Health Organization quietly made a major change to its definition of what will now constitute a “positive” Coronavirus case. The timing of the change was curious in that it occurred within hours of Joe Biden being installed as the new President of the United States, yet whether that was just a coincidence or … Read more

Vaccine Passports continue to take shape | Fauci “Mandates on table”

As the reality of a vaccine passport continues to sink in, more stories emerge on the inevitability of this chilling probability. Today we review an article by Dennis Behreandt of TheNewAmerican.com titled “Fauci: Mandatory Vaccines, Vaccine Passports? “Anything Is Possible” Mandatory Vaccine Passports Coming Soon to a Town Near You Now that the Democrats are … Read more

National Mask Mandates LACK Scientific Evidence to Support Them

Despite what the Dr. Fauci’s of the world claim about the ‘effectiveness’ of face masks in stopping the spread of Covid-19, the simple truth is that numerous medical research studies have now proven time and again that masks do NOT stop the spread of coronavirus. Nonetheless, the Biden Administration, under the advice of Dr. Fauci, … Read more

Covid-1984: Germany to put Quarantine Violators in Detention Camps

Big Brother in action – it appears Germany will put those who ignore quarantine rules into detention centres, including at least one repurposed refugee camp in the state of Saxony. In a story reported by Chris Tomlinson of Breitbart we look at the topic further. Germany to Place Quarantine Flouters into Detention Centres, Camps Germany … Read more

Italians defy Lockdowns and stand up to Govt Tyranny

The Great Awakening continues across the world. Today we present to you the story of over 50,000 restaurants in Italy reopening in spite of strict lockdown orders in the country. We share an article written by Brandon Morse of Redstate.com on the topic. Lockdown Rebellion: Over 50,000 Restaurants in Italy Defy Lockdown Orders and Reopen … Read more

Factory workers to be controlled by Electric Dog Collars in France – 1984 Comes to Life

It sounds crazy but it may just be true – a Swiss factory located in France is alleged to have begun employing what amounts to electric dog collars to enforce social distancing between employees. In a story first reported in La Monde in France and Breitbart in the US, more details continue to emerge about … Read more

STUDY: Microbes forced back into lungs may lead to cancer. What does this mean for face masks?

New research from New York University brings to light a question as yet unconsidered in relation to the possible dangers of continuous wearing of face masks. To wit: could long-term face mask usage lead to cancer? We present the work of Leopoldo Segal, MD, director of the Lung Microbiome Program, and his medical research titled … Read more

STUDY: 0% Risk of Child to Adult Coronavirus Transmission – American Academy of Pediatrics

New research led by Duke and UNC and published in the Journal of American Academy of Pediatrics found an “extremely limited” rate of coronavirus transmission and NO transmission from children to adults. The study titled “Incidence and Secondary Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 Infections in Schools” and was published in the Journal Pediatrics in January, 2021. TheEaglesWillFly.com … Read more

US State Dept Admits Wuhan Lab may have had Covid-19 in Fall, 2019

In a story that is NOT a shocker, the US State Department is now reporting that “Wuhan lab researchers may have had COVID in fall of 2019” and that “secret projects with China’s military’ were conducted at virology institute”. TheEaglesWillFly.com shares an article first written by Paul Sacca for TheBlaze.com about this story. State Dept … Read more

More Paralysis and Death Overseas from Covid Vax – Jan 2020

Reports continue to emerge about more cases of paralysis and even death seen after people receive the Coronavirus vaccine. Today TheEaglesWillFly.com presents sreport from RT.com and their article “13 Israelis suffer FACIAL PARALYSIS after taking Pfizer Covid jab, amid influx of reports detailing adverse effects”. After that w show a report from The Gateway Pundit … Read more

Majority of LA Firefighters Refuse to Take Covid Vax

60% of the firefighters at the LAFD have refused to their their free coronavirus vaccine – following the recent trends we’ve seen with healthcare workers making the same choice. To report more on this story, TheEaglesWillFly.com shares the news from Joel Polllak of Breitbart, as first reported by the LA Times. Firefighters Decline Vaccine – … Read more

FREE – Florida Schools Open Without Masks Show What’s Possible

Just because everybody else is doing it doesn’t make it right. Just because a handful of medical experts say it’s so, doesn’t make it true. Such is the case with Covid-19 and schools. We’ve been told that schools had to be shut down because ‘the kids are superspreaders’ – until medical evidence proved otherwise. We’ve … Read more