The Truth about Schools – Masks and Social Distancing NOT necessary

Now that numerous research has proven that children do not transmit Covid-19 and that asymptomatic spread is not a among children, we examine the evidence around masks and social distancing in schools. Today we present a comprehensive review of the evidence as compiled by Paul Alexander of AIER.og. School Closure – The Abstract Based on the existing reviewed … Read more

12 Questions about Face Masks that Dr Fauci Won’t Answer – Why?

It seems that Dr. Fauci gives us a different answer about face masks vs Covid-19 pretty much every day. Should we wear a mask? Should we not? What type of mask is best? Should we wear 2 masks, 3, 4, more? It never ends. Dr Fauci and his pLandemic colleagues continue to deceive us whenever … Read more

Does Oxygen Deprivation from Face Masks Causes Permanent Neurological Damage?

This is scary if true and it must be discussed. A German Neurologist has issued a warning against face masks and it should make us all take notice of what we’re doing. The German doctor is claiming that Oxygen Deprivation from constant face mask usage may cause ‘Permanent Neurological Damage’ – for more on this … Read more

Unreported Truths about Covid-19 Lockdowns, Deaths, and Masks

Today we examine a new book by former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson called “Unreported Truths about Covid-19” and provide analysis about it. Unreported Truths about Covid-19 – The Book This book explores the ways governments count and report Covid-19 deaths, the history of lockdowns and the evidence that they work (or don’t), and … Read more

National Mask Mandates LACK Scientific Evidence to Support Them

Despite what the Dr. Fauci’s of the world claim about the ‘effectiveness’ of face masks in stopping the spread of Covid-19, the simple truth is that numerous medical research studies have now proven time and again that masks do NOT stop the spread of coronavirus. Nonetheless, the Biden Administration, under the advice of Dr. Fauci, … Read more

STUDY: Microbes forced back into lungs may lead to cancer. What does this mean for face masks?

New research from New York University brings to light a question as yet unconsidered in relation to the possible dangers of continuous wearing of face masks. To wit: could long-term face mask usage lead to cancer? We present the work of Leopoldo Segal, MD, director of the Lung Microbiome Program, and his medical research titled … Read more

FREE – Florida Schools Open Without Masks Show What’s Possible

Just because everybody else is doing it doesn’t make it right. Just because a handful of medical experts say it’s so, doesn’t make it true. Such is the case with Covid-19 and schools. We’ve been told that schools had to be shut down because ‘the kids are superspreaders’ – until medical evidence proved otherwise. We’ve … Read more

Not Wearing Masks = Chemical Warfare? 1984 Newspeak in action

In a story that would be absurd if it wasn’t true, we share the story of Rep. Ayanna Pressley who recently claimed that Republicans engaged in ‘chemical warfare’ by not wearing masks during the capital riot scandal. The Democratic representative said GOP congressmen committed ‘criminal behavior’ during Capitol riots (This article was first seen on … Read more

Do Masks Work? The Science that Supports or Rebuts whether Face Masks Stop the Spread of Covid-19

The article serves as a warehouse of verifiable scientific evidence that seeks to answer the question – Do Face Masks Work to Stop the Spread of Covid-19? On this page you will ONLY find medical evidence and analytical data from verifiable medical professionals and gov’t analytic sources – links are provided for every citation and … Read more

Covid-19 Restrictions by State | Coronavirus Mandates in the US by State

The Covid-19 plandemic has changed our world. Here is a list of the Covid-19 Restrictions for every state in the USA – to includes information about mask mandates, travel quarantines, and more. The information presented here was compiled by The Washington Examiner. Coronavirus Restrictions by State This is a running list of restrictions enacted in … Read more

RESEARCH: Are Face Masks Effective? Swiss Research Data

Today we share the work of the Swiss Policy Research group that provides overview of the current evidence they have collected regarding the effectiveness of face masks vs the spread of Covid-19. The Swiss Policy Research (SPR), founded in 2016, is an independent, nonpartisan and nonprofit research group investigating geopolitical propaganda in Swiss and international … Read more

Kids and Face Masks – are we doing more harm than good?

In this article we’ll examine the subject of children and face masks. We’ll talk about why some people believe it’s a good idea for kids to wear face masks, and also consider the emerging evidence that indicates face masks may be doing more harm than good for our children. To be clear, nobody at is here … Read more

10 Reasons Why Wearing a Face Mask May be HARMFUL to Your Health

There is a growing sentiment among the medical community that it may NOT a good idea to constantly wear a face mask. Today we’ll give you scientific references to support 10 reasons why face masks may be causing you more harm than good AND point out why some doctors believe wearing a face mask may … Read more