A Timeline of the Covid-19 PLANdemic

Given that the forces behind the Covid-19 phenomena are no longer even trying to hide their agenda, it’s no longer a debate that Covid-19 was a PLANdemic (examples of this include Dr. Fauci’s Gain of Function Research, Dr. Fauci’s Coronavirus Vaccine Patents, The Gates Foundation SPARS and Event 201 ‘planning’ sessions, and the World Economic … Read more

Good News – Council Of Europe speaks about AGAINST Vaccine Passports

Just when it seemed like every country and world agency was pushing to make Vaccine Passports a requirement for everyone, we finally get a bit of good news. The Council of Europe has urged governments to ‘ensure that citizens are informed that the vaccination is NOT mandatory and that no one is politically, socially, or … Read more

12 Questions about Face Masks that Dr Fauci Won’t Answer – Why?

It seems that Dr. Fauci gives us a different answer about face masks vs Covid-19 pretty much every day. Should we wear a mask? Should we not? What type of mask is best? Should we wear 2 masks, 3, 4, more? It never ends. Dr Fauci and his pLandemic colleagues continue to deceive us whenever … Read more

Why is Bill Gates buying American Farmland? Bill Gates Farmland Conspiracy?

Stories about Bill Gates rapidly buying up farmland in America are getting more play – it is all just a conspiracy or is there something more going on? In this article, we provide analysis from various sources so you can decide for yourself what to believe. What follows is a collection of articles on Bill … Read more

Lockdowns Forever? UK extends lockdown till at least Summer 2021

While those of us who live in Free States like Florida, Texas, and South Dakota, our hearts go out to our brothers who continue to live lockdown lives forced upon them by Democratic Governors and de facto totalitarian countries – of which the United Kingdom sadly appears to be one of the worst. In a … Read more

What is the NGFS and how does it relate to The Great Reset…and YOU?

The NGFS is the Network of Central Banks and Supervisors for Greening the Financial System (NGFS). This article is about the NGFS and it’s relationship to The Great Reset as well as how all this may affect common citizens like you. All about the NGFS The website of the NGFS is https://www.ngfs.net/en. When did the … Read more

Vaccine Passports continue to take shape | Fauci “Mandates on table”

As the reality of a vaccine passport continues to sink in, more stories emerge on the inevitability of this chilling probability. Today we review an article by Dennis Behreandt of TheNewAmerican.com titled “Fauci: Mandatory Vaccines, Vaccine Passports? “Anything Is Possible” Mandatory Vaccine Passports Coming Soon to a Town Near You Now that the Democrats are … Read more

Covid-1984: Germany to put Quarantine Violators in Detention Camps

Big Brother in action – it appears Germany will put those who ignore quarantine rules into detention centres, including at least one repurposed refugee camp in the state of Saxony. In a story reported by Chris Tomlinson of Breitbart we look at the topic further. Germany to Place Quarantine Flouters into Detention Centres, Camps Germany … Read more

Planet Lockdown Video – Great Reset

TheEaglesWillFly.com shares the video Planet Lockdown by Catherine Austin Fitts that discusses the Great Reset and the Covid-19 pLandemic. We also present a detailed analysis of the video from Dr Joseph Mercola. Planet Lockdown – The Video From the Planet Lockdown site: “Planet Lockdown is a high level documentary about The Great Reset. From mid-west … Read more

On the Road to an American Dystopia

Does Big Brother already control the United States? To answer that question we present the work of Philip Alrich and his article “On the Road to Dystopia” as originally seen on AmericanThinker.com. When O’Brien, the interrogator from the Thought Police in Orwell’s 1984, holds up four fingers and asks Winston Smith, an imprisoned member of the … Read more

Has Australia already become a Dystopian-controlled country under Big Brother control?

We present the work of Carina Benton as featured on The Federalist where Ms. Benton talks about “COVID-19 Is Not A Legitimate Excuse To Erase Human Rights And Turn Free Countries Into Tyrannies.” What we’re witnessing is the dangerous normalization of a dystopian concept of “freedom” in which government dominates your life “for your own … Read more

Covid-19 Conflicting Information points to a “Great Reset” agenda

How does Covid-19 fit in with The Great Reset agenda? Today we feature the work of Dr Joseph Mercola and his article “COVID Conflicts: Asymptomatic Testing, Lack of Danger to Kids” to discuss a possible relationship between how the Covid-19 pandemic is being managed by world governments and if this is related to the globalist … Read more

Resist Tyranny – Van Morrison and Eric Clapton Anti-Lockdown Songs

Although most of Hollywood and the Music World have (sadly) openly supported the Socialist Agenda of the Covid-19 pLandemic and left us commoners to fend for ourselves in a Lockdown World, at least two members of the Music World Hall of Fame are standing up to #ResistTyranny. Beginning in the Fall of 2020, Van Morrison … Read more