STUDY: Do mRNA vaccines cause Alzheimer’s and ALS?

We first reported on this back in February 2020 but the question of whether mRNA vaccines cause Alzheimer’s disease and ALS has emerged again so we’re sharing another article with you on the topic to help you stay informed. STUDY: COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease Publication Citation: Classen JB. COVID-19 … Read more

A Timeline of the Covid-19 PLANdemic

Given that the forces behind the Covid-19 phenomena are no longer even trying to hide their agenda, it’s no longer a debate that Covid-19 was a PLANdemic (examples of this include Dr. Fauci’s Gain of Function Research, Dr. Fauci’s Coronavirus Vaccine Patents, The Gates Foundation SPARS and Event 201 ‘planning’ sessions, and the World Economic … Read more

STUDY: Lasting immunity found after recovery from COVID-19

If you’ve had Covid, are you immune from it? New research seems to indicate YES! In February 2021 the National Institute of Health published a multi-center study in the US titled “Immunological memory to SARS-CoV-2 assessed for up to 8 months after infection” that concluded “The immune systems of more than 95% of people who … Read more

RESEARCH: Lockdowns provided NO Benefits

Evidence continues to emerge that proves lockdowns have provided no real benefits to stopping the spread of Covid-19. Today we present new research from Stanford University that found “no clear, significant beneficial effect of [more restrictive measures] on case growth in any country.” Assessing mandatory stay‐at‐home and business closure effects on the spread of COVID‐19 … Read more

What is Universal Basic Income?

Universal Basic Income (UBI) involves a situation where the government pays every citizen a guaranteed income, sufficient to live at a modest level. People would get the money unconditionally regardless of their income so it’s different from welfare which is means-based. In today’s article we look deeper into UBI and offer you some points to … Read more

STUDY: Covid Antibodies may protect against Variants

If you’ve had Covid, will your antibodies protect you against the variants Dr. Fauci warns about? New research from Emory University and University of Texas seems to indicate YES your antibodies may well protect you against future variants. Read the research here… Neutralizing Antibodies Against SARS-CoV-2 Variants After Infection and Vaccination Published Mar 2021 in … Read more

STUDY: Immune Memory Persists After Mild Covid-19

If you had mild or asymptomatic Covid-19, will that help to protect your against contracting the virus again? A research study was published in January 2021 that concluded “mild COVID-19 elicits memory lymphocytes that persist and display functional hallmarks of antiviral immunity.” Read the research here… Functional SARS-CoV-2-Specific Immune Memory Persists after Mild COVID-19 Published … Read more

NEJM – ZERO School Children Died Of COVID In Sweden Despite Schools Being Open

Kids, Schools, and Covid – the politics of this battle is destroying our children. Meanwhile, yet another report has emerged that proves kids are at low risk of Covid-19. The New England Journal of Medicine has a piece titled “Open Schools, Covid-19, and Child and Teacher Morbidity in Sweden” – it caused so much backlash … Read more

Research: “Covid Mortality Rate among children 1 in 1 Million” – JAMA

Yet more research has emerged that shows kids are at LOW risk of dying from Covid-19. The lastest is a JAMA study that assessed COVID and other leading causes of death among various age groups found that between March and October 2020, the COVID mortality rate among children ages 5-14 was about one per million. … Read more

Did You Know? One-Third of Deaths Reported to CDC After COVID Vaccines Occurred **Within 48 Hours** of Vaccination!

Nearly 1,000 people have died after taking the Covid-19 Vaccine so far yet the CDC and vaccine makers continue to say that not a single death is related to the vaccine. Today we review some of the the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System website, which shows that of the 929 reported deaths, about one-third … Read more

Did the CDC intentionally mislead the public on Covid Vaccine Effectiveness?

Did you know that The CDC wrongly stated on its website that Pfizer’s COVID vaccine was highly effective in people previously infected with the virus AND that this claim is apparently NOT true? A month later the agency quietly corrected the error —but the new language is still misleading. Today we look at some analysis … Read more

STUDY: COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease

In new research published in the Journal of Microbiology & Infectious Diseases in January 2021 immunologist J. Bart Classen warns the mRNA technology used in the Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines could create “new potential mechanisms” of adverse events that may take years to come to light. Today we look at the research and an … Read more

Another Doctor Warns about mRNA Covid-19 Vaccines

Every day we hear about more and more doctors expressing their concerns about the mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine from a safety standpoint. Today we hear from Internal Medicine Thomas T. Siler whose been in practice for over 35 years. A Doctor’s View About the New mRNA Vaccines By Thomas T. Siler, M.D. It’s important to know both … Read more